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Awards and certificates

 TTAI heat exchangers during 1996 - 1998 received the certificates «The star exhibit of the exhibition and its high technical level» of several international specialized exhibitions
In 2000 TTAI heat exchangers were included in Best Ukraine Goods Register and in 2001 received gold medal for the quality «Of the Purest Tint» by Business Interests Association of Ukraine
 In 2000 our equipment gained the prize «Crystal Drop» of the specialized magazine «Installation Market»
 In 2001 Teplo'obmen LLC gained the Certificate of the Winner of the All-Ukrainian Competition «Fuel and Energy Industry Leader» 
 In 2002 and 2005 Teplo'obmen LLC became a laureate of the international exhibitions «Energy Forum Ukraine»

In 2003 our company became a winner of the All-Ukrainian Quality Competition «Top 100 Goods of Ukraine» 
  In 2004 and 2008 Teplo'obmen LLC became a winner of the Competition «The Best Equipment for Heating Units for the North-West Region of Russia»
 In 2005 Teplo'obmen LLC became a winner of the Competition for the award of the World Intellectual Property Organization for enterprises with innovative activities
 In 2006 our company won the Innovation Contest held by the magazine «Expert Ukraine»
 In 2007 our company became a finalist of the Construction Innovation Contest «Russian House of the Future»
 In 2011 Teplo'obmen LLC gained second place in the All-Ukrainian Competition held by the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine
 In 2014, our company became a finalist of the All-Russian competition held by the Russian Agency for Strategic Initiatives
 In 2015, our company became a laureate of the contest “Energy-efficient equipment and technologies” in Tatarstan
 In 2016, our company became a winner of the contest “Innovative solutions in energy saving” held in St. Petersburg